Reporting for Duty
3 months ago

A year of selfies. Haha my hair didnt change at all this year.

I did /alot/ of living changing things this year. I moved out into my own house with my best mate,  turned 25 (to me thats lfe changing because its an age that made me rethink my life course), I finally got to Japan and it was a brilliant experience, I quit my god awful retail job and now in a better job where Im on much more pay.

Next year already seems promising; already got £500 in my savings for japan 2014. Got quite a few plans to see many friends and a few more trips planned.

Bring it on 2014!

  1. gongju-grl said: Yay you did it! ^ ^ Hope you have a great 2014 <3
  2. officer-yuko posted this
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